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Fidia Ambiente Srl
Founded in 2010, Fidia Ambiente Srl operates as the energy sub-holding. The company is active in Europe through local operating entities.
Fidia Ambiente Srl is based in Padua, Italy.


AB SolarPower srl     

AB SolarPower Srl
AB SolarPower focuses on identifying, developing, building and managing power plants for the production of renewable energy. Currently the company manages solar plants in Italy.
The company is based in Sulmona, (L’Aquila), Italy.


Hydro Power Plant of Korca sh.p.k
The company focuses on building and operating hydro power plants in Albania in financial partnership with The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
The company is based in Korca, Albania.



CiPower Srl
Founded in 2008, CiPower’s identifies suitable sites for the production of wind and photovoltaic energy, and secures the necessary authorizations to build and manage mini-wind turbines and photovoltaic farms and subsequently sell the energy produced.
The company is based in Potenza, Italy.


Fidia Capital LLC
Fidia Capital LLC is a holding and trading company focused on the US equity market.
The company is based in New York, USA.


“CAIS, Capital Integration Systems LLC, is a financial technology company providing an alternatives investment platform to the wealth management industry, through its growing menu of funds and products such as hedge funds, private equity and physical precious metals. CAIS was named as the Best Private Banking Systems Provider in the 2012 World Finance Technology Awards.
The company is based in New York, USA..


Patriot National Bank
Founded in 1994, Patriot National Bank focuses on commercial banking operations, mortgage banking and other related financial activities, mainly in the North East region of the United States, and is publicly traded at the Nasdaq (ticker: PNBK).
Through its US subsidiary, FIDIA CAPITAL LLC, Fidia Holding s.p.a. is a shareholder of PNBK Holdings LLC, a New York based investment fund which is an investor in Patriot National Bank.
The company is based in Fairfield, CT, USA.



Banca Popolare di Vicenza
Founded in 1866, Banca Popolare di Vicenza was the first bank incorporated in Vicenza, Italy, and the first community bank of the Veneto region. Today, Banca Popolare di Vicenza is one of Italy’s most important financial institutions.
The company is based in Vicenza, Italy.



Veneto Banca
Founded in 1877 as the Banca Popolare di Montebelluna, in 1997 it launched an effective growth and acquisition strategy which prompted its name change to Veneto Banca. Today Veneto Banca is among the top 10 banks in Italy.
The company is based in Montebelluna, Treviso, Italy.

PrinceGate Corporation
Founded in 2008, PrinceGate Corporation invests directly in properties and in real estate companies in the United States.
The investments are focused on the “high end” residential market, but the company also looks for value generating development projects such as the purchase of land and the management of renovation projects.
The company is based in New York, USA.



NY Art Residences Holdings LLC

NY Art Residences Holdings LLC
This company is involved in the building of a luxury residential condominium and art gallery in Chelsea, Manhattan. The company is based in New York, USA.


The Howard Hughes Corporation
Founded in 1909, today The Howard Hughes Corporation is one of the most preeminent United States developers and operators of commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate throughout the country. The company is comprised of master planned communities, operating properties, development opportunities and other unique assets spanning 18 states from Hawaii to New York. It is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker: HHC). Through its US subsidiary, FIDIA CAPITAL LLC, Fidia Holding s.p.a. is a shareholder of ZPSO LLC, a New York based investment fund which is an investor in The Howard Hughes Corporation.
The Company is based in Dallas, Texas, USA..


Derimm SpA
Founded in 1999, DERIMM SpA focuses on restructuring, managing and selling landmarked buildings. DERIMM’s goal is to preserve the authenticity of each building and protect its artistic elements while satisfying what is needed from a business and sales perspective.
The company is based in Padua, Italy..



Fidia Farmaceutici SpA
One of Italy’s oldest, leading, multinational pharmaceutical companies involved in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of medicines.
The company is based in Padua, Italy.



Dialcos SpA
Founded in 1960, DIALCOS SpA specializes in the production and distribution of nutritional food products. Health, well-being and taste are the fundamental ingredients of all products developed by DIALCOS, like the famous Dialbrodo - the first ground vegetable concentrate for broth and seasonings. Healthy, balanced foods are the key focus of DIALCOS, which has developed dietetic product lines including low-sodium, enriched and gluten-free, that are sold through a variety of distribution channels (both mass distribution and through pharmacies).
The company is based in Padua, Italy.


Founded in 1996 to meet the technical and operational challenges that arose when the U.S. Government mandated telephone number mobility, NeuStar today is the sole North American clearing house that phone companies use to route customer calls. NeuStar solves complex global communication challenges facing carriers and enterprises by enabling seamless connectivity across a myriad of networks, technologies and applications. It is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker: NSR). Through its US subsidiary, FIDIA CAPITAL LLC, Fidia Holding s.p.a. is a shareholder of ZPSO LLC, a New York based investment fund which is an investor in NeuStar.
The company is based in Sterling, Virginia, USA.



Founded in 2000, Higher One Inc. is a leader in the field of financial services to universities. In particular, it offers payment services that are easily accessible to students. Its current client portfolio consists of approximately 1,600 universities across the U.S. representing approximately 13 million students. Higher One is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker: ONE).
The company is based in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.



Founded in 1901, USG Corporation manufactures and distributes building materials worldwide. USG is a leading manufacturer for the construction and remodeling industries including Sheetrock® and Durock™ products. USG is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker: USG). 
The company is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA..


Founded in 2003, Docking srl focuses on the boat business and luxury in general. The company was born out of a relationship with SNO Yachts, a leading yacht company specialized in sales, service, storage, brokerage, yacht management and charter of ships from 40 to 150 feet. Dockings focuses on the chartering of owned and third party boats, real estate development projects with a nautical orientation, manufacturing, refitting and boat sales. 
The company is based in Padua, Italy.


Since first opening its doors to guests in 1963, Villa d’Este has become one of the world’s best-known hotels and resort, occupying a highly coveted 50 acres of luxuriously landscaped park directly on Lake Como, Italy. Formerly a 16th century residence, the hotel offers 152 suites featuring antique furniture and modern technology. Providing an award-winning level of service, superb amenities and superior cuisine, Villa d’Este has won the hearts of travelers for generations.



Founded in 2005, Hint Inc., is a beverage company producing natural flavored water as an alternative to soda and sugar beverages. The goal of Hint Water has evolved to providing consumers with a healthy sugar free drink without diet sweeteners. The company markets and distributes its products through specialty markets, grocery stores, spas, hotels, and their online portal. Hint has received many awards throughout the years including a Silver Award for Best New Product or Service of the Year 2012.
The company is based in San Francisco, California, USA.


MC Square Holdings LLC
MC Square Holdings LLC is a co-investment platform that seeks to identify and co-invest in proprietary direct transactions that are sponsored by top-performing institutional investors, private equity firms, veteran management teams, and family offices. Its team of professionals leverage their collective career experience, global reach, multi-disciplinary backgrounds, substantial industry network and deal execution expertise to create access to unique co-investment opportunities. In addition, MC Square Holdings LLC selectively provides, through its registered Broker Dealer, MC Square Capital, LLC, strategic advisory solutions and all capital raising solutions for a very selected group of trusted customers.
MC Square Holdings LLC is based in Greenwich, Connecticut.
(Fidia Holding Spa holds preferred convertible securities)


Yachtico Inc. is the world’s leading internet booking platform for yacht charter services. Through its platform, the company offers more than 16,000 yachts in more than 40 countries. Yachtico, Inc. is the first company to position itself globally with yachts available in over 1,000 locations and the ability to book entirely on-line.
Yachtico, Inc. is based in Boca Raton, Florida.


Morrow Sodali Global LLC
Morrow Sodali is the leading global consultancy specializing in shareholder services, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and capital markets transactions. From headquarters in New York and London and nine offices in the major global capital markets, the firm serves more than 600 corporate clients in 35 countries, including many of the world’s largest multinational corporations.


Siena Lending Group, LLC
Siena Lending Group is a leading independent asset-based lender serving middle market companies that may have difficulty accessing traditional financing. With vast lending experience and expertise in complex situations, Siena consistently finds creative ways to deliver financing when others struggle. Siena provides companies with more flexibility and liquidity than they could obtain elsewhere.


Siena Lending Group is based in Stamford, Connecticut.