FIDIA HOLDING spa was founded in 1992 under the leadership of Ennio Arengi, FIDIA FARMACEUTICI SpA’s principle shareholder, with the purpose of re-organizing all of FIDIA FARMACEUTICI’s industrial investments under a single holding company.

Fidia Holding s.p.a subsequently became the holding company responsible for the financial investments of the entire FIDIA Group, which, in addition to FIDIA FARMACEUTICI, included companies operating in industries as diverse as Food and Real Estate. Fidia Holding s.p.a became the entity that managed all special financial operations for the FIDIA Group as well as acquisitions and management of new investments in a variety of industrial and financial sectors.

The 2007 sale of FIDIA FARMACEUTICI signaled the liquidation of the largest investment of its portfolio and the end of the Arengi Bentivoglio family’s day-to-day involvement in this company after 45 years. It also marked a new era for Fidia Holding s.p.a which started investing in a more dynamic and diversified manner beyond pharmaceuticals.