A Success Story

  • AB SolarPower: A success story of Fidia Holding s.p.a as an active investor.
  • In 2010, Fidia Holding s.p.a identified an attractive opportunity in the European renewable space.
  • Capitalizing on its experience and contacts, Fidia Holding s.p.a set up AB SolarPower and implemented a results oriented strategy.
  • Flexibility and careful cost control were key factors in its successful navigation through the rapidly evolving competitive and regulatory landscape.
  • In direct response to the needs of the local community, AB SolarPower now produces and supplies green energy to 2,000 families while also providing local employment opportunities.
  • In just 2 years, AB SolarPower went from inception to full operation, reaching 85% EBITDA margin and net after-tax, after a debt servicing cash flow margin of 35%.