* Detail of the frieze from the west pediment of the Parthenon, Athens, by the sculptor Fidia, 438 BC.


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Fidia Holding s.p.a. is a private investment company, born from an entrepreneurial culture and a rich, trusted 20+ year history. Originally the holding company for Fidia Farmaceutici s.p.a., one of Italy’s largest pharmaceutical firms, Fidia Holding s.p.a. is a hybrid, non-fund Private Equity/Holding Company operating as a Family Office with a focus on various continents, including developing markets. Its corporate offices are in the US and Italy.




Entrepreneurial Approach – Fidia Holding s.p.a. is a different kind of financial organization with a holistic approach.


Meets Stability & Growth Needs – Fidia Holding s.p.a. provides Best-In-Class financial / managerial resources & business networks.


Strong Institutional Equity & Credibility – Fidia Holding s.p.a. delivers these benefits to the portfolio companies.


Valuable Global Network – Fidia Holding s.p.a. has solid, strategic relationships with both private and governmental resources such as multi-lateral agencies, international financial institutions and world banks.


Highly Seasoned/Versatile Team  – Fidia Holding s.p.a. is able to provide scalable operational, hands-on involvement, as needed, with day-to-day operations management teams for the portfolio companies.


Strategically & Geographically Diversified Portfolio – Fidia Holding s.p.a. is active in three industry sectors and growing.


20+ Years of Business Successes - backed by a unique and rich heritage of proven efficiency & cost control mechanisms.